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Deerview Meats offers a full menu of custom cutting, curing and wrapping services. They will cut and wrap your meat product to your specifications for pennies on the dollar.

Deerview Meats professional meat cutters use their wide range of knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional services to the public. They cut the meat in such a way that gives the least amount of waste possible while providing you with the highest quality of cuts. Whether you are looking to have your own beef custom processed, or would like to place a freezer pack order, come visit their friendly and informative staff for more detailed information.

Services include:

  • Custom slaughter
  • Custom cutting, curing and wrapping
  • Custom homemade sausage
  • Special orders
  • Freezer/ variety packs
  • Wholesale carry-out
  • Wild Game processing
  • Pumped and rubbed roasts
  • Custom meat trays
For a listing of current meat processing fees click here.

Freezer Packs

For your convenience, Deerview Meats offers a variety of freezer packs to fill your bulk purchasing needs. Choose from one of the following pre-assembled packs or have a pack individually customized to your needs.

#1 Basic Freezer Pack, 20 lbs $125
#2BBQ Lovers Pack, 14 lbs$114
#3 Family Pack, 32 lbs$187
#4Homesteader Pack, 34 lbs$210
#5 Sausage Lovers Pack, 12 lbs $89

For information on Deerview Meats freezer packs, please click here.

For more information on "pick any 5 for 105" please click here.

If you have questions about Deerview Meats specialized services please feel free to call 403-527-2221.

Wild Game Processing

If you are a hunter and are looking for a place to have your wild game processed Deerview Meats is now equipped to offer this service. They are set up to process deer, antelope, elk and moose. Not only can Deerview Meats cut and wrap your product to your specifications, they can also custom make your sausage, jerky and pepperoni. Choose from one of Deerview Meats homemade recipes or bring them your own recipe and they will be happy to prepare it for you. Let Deerview Meats take the extra work out of processing your wild game this season.

For a listing of current meat processing fees click here.