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Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions at Deerview Meats.

Where does Deerview Meats purchase their meat from?

Deerview Meats has a wide variety of local cattle, lamb, bison and deer producers that supply animals to the plant on a regular basis.

Is your meat naturally raised and/or hormone free?

Many of the meat products Deerview Meats offers are from naturally raised animals which ensures that the meat is hormone free. Both the bison and deer come from naturally raised environments. Although Deerview Meats makes a conscious effort to purchase naturally raised beef and lamb products, we cannot guarantee that all meat in the facility is naturally raised because we choose to support many local producers with varying production methods that include natural, grass fed and conventional. If a customer wishes to purchase a side or quarter of naturally raised beef, Deerview Meats can access that meat directly from one of its suppliers.

Can I purchase a side or quarter of beef from Deerview Meats?

Deerview Meats sells sides or quarters of beef, bison and lamb and customizes the cuts to the customer's request.

Is it cost effective to purchase a side of beef?

Although it may sound like a large sum of money to pay upfront, there is definitely an advantage to purchasing an entire side of beef. You can purchase a side of beef from Deerview Meats fully customized to your specifications and packaged for pick up for less per pound than purchasing from the supermarket. By direct purchasing from Deerview Meats you will receive all of your prime cuts of meat (tenderloin steaks, rib-eyes, striploins, prime rib roast, outside and inside round roasts) at a reduced price. Additionally you have the comfort of knowing that your beef has been raised and processed locally.

If a side of beef is too much beef for your freezer to handle, quarters and freezer packs are also available.

We raise our own beef and are looking to have an animal butchered but are concerned that a whole beef will be too much for our small family. Do you have any suggestions?

One of the greatest advantages of having us process your beef is that Deerview Meats is a provincially inspected facility which allows the consumer the freedom to remarket (sell) their products to family, friends and acquaintances.

Do you have any gluten free products?

Deerview Meatsmeat products are 100% gluten free and include:

  • twelve varieties of sausage
  • beef, bison and turkey jerky
  • beef, bison and venison burger patties
  • summer sausage, and salami
  • pepperoni and jerky sticks

If I order a freezer pack can I change some of the items for alternatives?

Currently Deerview Meats has five standard freezer packs, all of which can be interchanged with alternative items of equal or lesser value.

Can you customize a sausage recipe for me?

Deerview Meats makes each every sausage recipe from scratch so customers can choose from one of the in-house recipes or bring in their own recipe for us to make.

How long do you typically let your beef hang?

The hang time of a beef is gauged based on the carcass itself. An animal with more fat cover can hang several days longer than one without. Deerview Meats monitors the meat daily to ensure that the meat is cut at the optimal time. A typical hang time for a beef is 14 days but again it will range depending on the condition of the meat.

Do you process wild game?

Deerview Meats is equipped to process wild game which includes deer, antelope, elk and moose. Wild Game can only be received on specific days so please call ahead to arrange a delivery time.