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Welcome to Deerview Meats

Deerview Meats is a provincially inspected meat abattoir located 19 km southeast of Medicine Hat. The meat plant specializes in the processing of locally raised meats such as beef, pork, lamb, bison and deer.

Deerview Meats began as a small home based family operated business in 2006 selling processed venison meat products to consumers throughout Southern Alberta. Deerview Meats expanded to include a 9300 sq. ft. abattoir in 2011.

Deerview Meats is a provincially inspected meat processing facility that is committed to providing top quality custom cutting, wrapping and speciality items to the public. Deerview Meats specializes in the following services:

  • Custom Meat Cutting Services: Processing, curing, cutting and wrapping of meat products as per customers request. Consumers may bring in their own animal to be butchered or alternatively Deerview Meats will purchase an animal on their behalf. Sides/ quarters of beef, bison and lamb available for purchase.
  • Wholesale Meat Products: Provision of a wide variety of meat products to restaurants, convenience stores, pubs, and grocery stores for re-sale. Additionally Deerview Meats can provide wholesale meat carry-out services to local butcher shops.
  • Retail Country Store: Fresh and frozen meat products are available for sale in-store. This includes items such as roasts, steaks, burgers, and ground beef. All of Deerview Meats value added products are homemade in-house, are 100% gluten free, and include sausage, jerky, salami, summer sausage and pepperoni.

Deerview Meats also carries additional seasonal items such as firewood, ice, pop, ice cream, whole frozen turkeys, spices, sauces, and Christmas baskets. Custom made fresh meat trays and marinated roasts and steaks are available for special orders.

Service Promise:

"To provide consumers of Southeast Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan the highest quality meat products with unparalleled customer service"